Hey there! I'm Amanda, a Graphic Designer and Motion Graphic Artist with a strong background in traditional art. With over 9 years of experience, I'm passionate about bringing creativity to life through animations and visually compelling graphics. With an eye for detail and a love for visual storytelling, I'm eager to connect and explore how we can collaborate on your next exciting project.
Software Experience
Adobe Creative Suite | Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | InDesign | Adobe XD
Cinema 4D / X-Particles | Blender | Eevee | Cycles | Octane | Redshift | Figma | Fable
Marvelous Designer | MochaFX | Davinci Resolve
Niantic Labs | XBOX | Microsoft | Amazon | Riot Games | Blizzard | Phoenix Labs | Points Bet | National Geographic | ABC Network | Columbia | Disney
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